This is the official website of Joey Lott. Good public relations dictates that public figures should have titles and messages.

My title? No one.

My message? True freedom is already what is. There is nothing else. Recognize this and be yourself.

The rest of what you’ll find here on this site is supplemental. Apart from finding information about events and services that I offer, you’ll also find frequent blog posts on subjects that interest me.

It’s tempting for us to want to try and put someone in a box. “Spiritual Teacher” or “Health Guru” or “Anxiety Expert” or “Stress Relief Coach” or some other bullshit.

But, come on…do you conform to a single title or label? Is your life easily summed up by some few words crafted by a marketer? No. Of course not.

And more importantly, there is no separate individual. Go ahead. Take a look. Find him or her. You cannot. The closer you look, the blurrier it gets. until eventually…poof! There’s just this. This is all that ever is. There is nothing else.

So we play in the world of seeming multiplicity. But the essential awareness of unity is the ground of being.

It’s all. It’s none. So it’s alright to lighten up.

It’s alright to use personal pronouns. It’s alright to have varied interests.

So here on this site you’ll find information about all of my varied interests. Much of my interests are shaped by my so-called past, which includes anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD,) anxiety, stress, fixation, obsessive thinking, fear, worry, anger, rage, Lyme disease, spirituality, seeking, stupid restrictive diets (vegan, paleo, primal, low carbohydrate, sugar free, salt free, etc.,) diet recovery, satsang, multiple chemical sensitivity, meditation, chanting, prayer, gynecomastia, weight loss, weight gain, overcoming eating disorders, letting go, Law of Attraction, New Thought, and more. But my interests are certainly not limited to any of that!

My passion is sharing the possibility of discovering true peace and freedom, which is available to each of us in every moment when only we know where to look! Or, perhaps, more importantly, how to cease looking so much. Because it turns out that the search for something better is the source of suffering. And the end of suffering is the recognition that this is it.

But my passion extends beyond the rigid limitations of sharing a cliche nonduality message. The idea that there is only oneness and therefore all solutions must be sought by letting go of all seeking (try and figure that out!) is just another trap. There is only oneness. There is no need to seek it. And this is already oneness. So there is also the completely valid approach of applying practical solutions to practical problems! If you’re hungry and there is food available then eat…don’t just claim oneness as your answer! Oneness is eating when you’re hungry. Oneness is utilizing practical techniques to resolve certain emotional, psychological, or physiological problems. If you’ve got a bone fracture then a splint is useful. If you’ve got PTSD then eye movement therapy is useful.

It’s all one. True radical nonduality is completely spontaneous and free. There are no rules. This is an endless discovery of the joy of the simplicity of being.


Joey lives and regularly holds events near Santa Fe, NM.

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