11 months ago

Agitation, Values, and Light

I offer a paid, online inquiry program. This program and my mention of it in some emails rubs some people the wrong way.

The reason I mention it is that I’ve gotten a few agitated emails about this in recent days, and they’ve caused me to observe something.

We – meaning me and some other people – seem to approach life with the belief that our values/beliefs are correct and true and that everything should fit into that framework.

If something or someone superficially appears to fit into that framework and then in some way or another does not, that generates agitation.

I have thrown out a lot of things – relationships, ideas, cultures, etc. – because of that agitation. I didn’t want to allow the agitation, so I got rid of the object of the agitation.

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Maybe that is appropriate in some cases. But maybe it is a mistake in others.

The agitation is pointing to something I cannot reconcile with my values/beliefs.

Are my values correct? Are they absolutely true?

In my case, I can say that much of the time they are not.

This is dangerous, of course. Because when I start to honestly question my values, I start to discover that what I believe myself to be, what I cling to to give my life meaning and order, is not absolutely true. My life becomes chaotic as order disintegrates.

But there’s a flip side. I also become unburdened.

Interestingly, this is another meaning of the word “light”. I wrote in the foreword to John Veen’s recent book about light in the sense of attention. But that attention and honesty can reveal another aspect of light – lightness, to be unburdened.



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