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Back to Basics

Today I had a really nice Skype conversation with somebody, and it reminded me of the importance of “the basics”.

What do I mean by “the basics”?

I mean the recognition of the impermanent, ungraspable aliveness of this moment.

It is to recognize that the problem that seems to demand that we solve it is for a future self who will never arrive.

It is to recognize that the problem is a fiction.

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This is not to negate the validity of the problems in their own domain – in time and space and for people who can and must do things.

But it is to recognize that simultaneously, there exists the domain – what my friend, John Veen, calls the vertical context.

And this domain is timeless and knows nothing of problems or solutions. It is a nondual domain. It is indivisible.

This domain is instantly obvious if I relax the chronic fixation on story.

Give it a whirl right now.

Just for a moment, relax the attention on thoughts.

Just for a moment, don’t try to solve anything.

Just for a moment, let all thoughts slip and slide and do whatever they do without following them.

And maybe you find that you naturally inhabit sensation. Direct. Raw. Unknowable. Indivisible.

Just this.

This is the basics.

Notice how this aliveness doesn’t actually know anything of division. It cannot actually know of problems.

There’s a tension, a focus, a fixation that is required to do that. That fixation narrows this open awareness, like squinting does to vision. It generates a kind of illusion of division – this and that, here and there, now and then. me and you.

But if I just let go for a moment, where are the boundaries? Where is the division? No such thing is found.

Again, this doesn’t negate the domain of mind, of duality. It just reveals something of the nature of that “other” domain. Like waking from a dream doesn’t negate the dream. It just reveals something of the nature of that dream domain.

What it reveals, I cannot say. Because what it reveals is too immediate and ungraspable.

But it is obvious. Just go back to basics, and it’s obvious – obvious that it is always obvious.


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