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Can We Master the Game of Life?

Can you name just one thing that you have completely mastered?

I can’t.

And every master of anything – guitar, woodworking, mathematics, etc. – I’ve ever met or heard speak about their craft has said that the more they learn, the more they realize how much they don’t know.

Those who have “mastered” a craft are merely practiced enough to recognize how insignificant their “mastery” is.

So why did I believe that I could master life?

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How absurd.

If I’ve gained any wisdom, it is only to the degree that I have discovered what I don’t know.

In other words, in my experience wisdom is the name given to the natural, open state of not-knowing and not clinging to any answers or any insistence that one needs to or could know.

Yet this conditioned impulse to know, to understand, to name, to define, to solve often continues.

And it can take the form of “Now I know that I don’t know”.

It’s a kind of clinging to the promise of security. As if knowing that I don’t know offers me protection from life.

It doesn’t.

But here’s a radical notion: we don’t need protection from life. Not even from the most frightening aspects of life.

Because we are life.

This is life.

Not that recognizing this offers protection, mind you. Because it doesn’t.

But there is an opportunity to let go and enjoy the terrifying ride in all it’s mysterious glory.

Don’t think that is protection either.

It’s not.

No protection. And no protection needed. We’re being destroyed before we even existed.


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