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4 years ago

Staying Here

We all think we have problems. I do. 30+ years of strengthening the habit of worry and fear doesn’t necessarily disappear in the blink of an eye. Sure, it can. But that’s uncommon.

There are plenty of stories from people who have had these instantaneous collapses of the mind in which there is no longer anything but pure, silent awareness.

But then we turn those stories into another thing. Another goal. Another way to compare our present experience to something that we imagine is better.

And then we’re off searching for that. Whatever we imagine that will be.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. If you want a silent mind then brain damage is probably the surest route. But then, when I put it that way, it doesn’t sound so appealing, does it?

Some seeming people have seemingly silent minds. Some seeming people have seemingly loud minds.

But so what? You’ll never have anyone else’s experience. You only have this. (And more truthfully you don’t even have this. This has you!)

My mind still reports problems. As I said, those decades of conditioning continue.

But I remain here. As I always have. As always will be the case. It’s just that now it is evident that this is what is.

At first it seems like a doing – staying here. Until you realize that it is not a doing. It is all that is.

So notice that thoughts happen. Notice that sensations happen. Notice that what you think of as the mind seems to report problems. Notice that it all happens. And that still, you remain here.

The pursuit of some better, perfect, pure you with no problems and no thoughts is just a a recipe for suffering. Instead, recognize what is already here. Recognize what is unchanging. Recognize what is unavoidable.

Notice that thoughts come and go. Sensations come and go. Problems come and go. Bodies come and go. Everything comes and go.

And yet there is a changelessness that is this ever-present reality that is not separate from all apparent happening. You already are here. There is nothing apart from this. There is only ever this. And you can somehow, miraculously recognize that this is what is.

When problems seem to arise, notice what is closer. Turn to the sensations. Become curious about the sensations. What is the direct experience of sensation before thoughts? What is even closer than the sensations? What is even closer than the experiencing? What is even closer than awareness? Here is what is. And this is always what is. Here it is evident that all is simply this. Remain here.

4 years ago

How to Discover True Joy in Meaninglessness

In my writing lately – both online and offline – one of the things that has come forth lately is a lot of mention about how nothing has any inherent meaning.

Because it’s true.

Yet that is only one side of it. What I haven’t often mentioned is that meaninglessness is also true, expansive, infinite joy.

Nothing means anything. These words don’t mean anything. In fact, even though I sometimes suggest that words point at something, even that can be misleading. Because the words don’t mean anything. They don’t point to things. Rather, every seeming thing, including words, merely points to nothing. Everything points to the source, which is not separate from the totality of what is.

But then I realize that all this emphasis on the essential meaninglessness of things can seem rather nihilistic. Which it is not. Because none of this points to nothing. Because nothing then becomes yet another thing. We conceptualize it.

But nothing is not a thing. It is the totality of what is. It includes all apparent things as well as the space within which all is appearing. It is one totality. You cannot ever conceptualize it because a concept is merely what is arising in this ever-present moment. Stay before the concept and you know the totality. But follow the concept and you are merely imagining what the totality might be.

When those who speak as awareness of the simplicity of being use words such as stillness, peace, love, joy, freedom, wholeness, etc. to describe the simplicity of being, none of these words mean anything. But they point to the essential reality of what is – before any thought about what it is. And I haven’t emphasized this often enough.

Non-conceptual reality, which is all that is and which you are always directly experiencing in every moment, is meaningless. Meaning is added on through thought and concept. Meaning is about comparison, and the totality cannot be compared to anything because it is all that is. But nonetheless, before meaning there is still a sense of uncaused joy, peace, stillness, freedom, wholeness, love, abundance, clarity, wonder, power, and spaciousness. Those words are meaningless. But notice what they point to. They point to the source from which they arise. And when you simply remain with what is directly as it is – before thought -then what these words point to is evident.

Staying with what is before thought is not a doing. It is what is already happening. Simply notice that you are already aware of what is happening. Notice that this awareness is before any conceptualization. You are aware before any analysis of what it all means. You are aware before any names or labels. In fact, even before your sense of yourself as someone you are aware of being. You are before you are someone.

Notice that right now there are sensations in your body. Notice that you are aware of these sensations before any labels or meanings about them. There is simply the raw, pure sensation.

See the habit of turning to thought to give meaning to the sensations. But notice what happens when you merely remain with the direct experience. Notice how this direct experience is always happening whether you are noticing it or not. So staying with the direct experience is not a doing. It can see like it at first because of the habit of going to thought to supply meaning. But as you stay with the direct experience notice how it is actually far easier than doing anything.

Here, before thought, there is no meaning. There is just the direct immediacy of what is. Without thought you cannot analyze it or separate it. But you still function. You still see colors and shapes. You still seemingly interact with the world. You still can enjoy a sunset or a moonrise or the sounds of rustling leaves or cars driving by or children crying or refrigerators humming.

Everything still happens as it always has. Yet you remain here with direct experience. Notice that before meaning there is still something. But it isn’t a thing. It is just this. And whatever this is has no meaning, but somehow, mysteriously, there is a sense of joy and of peace. This is not because of anything. This joy and peace isn’t because of conditions or because of meaning. It is simply what is before any meaning.

Now, meaning is seen to be merely what is. You cannot get rid of meaning. There is no need. Meaning is simply an expression of this uncaused joy and peace.

Without meaning, ironically, everything may seem more meaningful! But it’s not because of thought. It’s not because anything is seen to suggest anything or imply anything. Rather, it is because everything is seen to be non-separate from the totality, which is uncaused joy and peace. Everything is seen to be truly alive – not as separate things, but as what is. Without needing to add meaning, the inherent richness and depth of all that is becomes evident.

This is how to discover true joy in meaninglessness.

4 years ago

Why That Isn’t It

People make such a big deal about experience. Good experience. Bad experience. Ecstatic experience. Horrific experience. And we seek out the good and the ecstatic while trying to avoid the bad and the horrific.

But this is the mistake. Because there’s something much closer than experience that you can seemingly (thought not truly) miss out on when you’re seeking to get and get rid of certain types of experience.

The reason that this has been on my mind lately is that I’ve been reading more than usual about so-called “spiritual awakenings.” (I’ve been researching to find good places to publish some of my writing, and I’ve read bits and pieces of what appears in these publications.) And frankly, I think that many of these accounts, are still deluded. Any time there is an emphasis on the experience of oneness or the experience of peace or the experience of wholeness – complete with the dissolving of boundaries and the flow of love and the profound sense of stillness and all the fireworks then at the very least these sorts of stories are misleading.

They are misleading because they speak of extraordinary experiences. The sorts of experiences that we are conditioned to seek out. This is why LSD or MDMA is so great – because they can provide these types of experiences. But if you’ve ever come down off of LSD or MDMA then you know that there’s an end to the trip. It’s an experience.

There’s nothing wrong with experience. It’s happening all the time. And I sure as hell would rather pleasant psychedelic grooviness to, say, a fork in the eyeball. So we naturally have preference for what we perceive to be pleasant or at least neutral experience instead of what we perceive to be unpleasant experience. If you have followed this blog long enough then you already know that I’ve had my share of unpleasant experience. And by no means do I actively seek out those unpleasant experiences.

But the idea that experience is “it” – the answer, the solution, the thing to end all suffering – is deluded. The end to suffering is not about experience. It’s about what is closer than experience.

And that is why so many of these so-called “spiritual awakening” stories are just rubbish. It sets up the “spiritual teachers” as someone special who has attained something you want. But what you most want isn’t a thing. It’s not something that anyone has. It’s not about being special. It’s about the utter lack of specialness. It is completely ordinary. It is this. Already this.

If you want to see visions and be blissed out then there are plenty of ways to do that. A good strain of cannabis perhaps? Bhagavan Das kirtans that last all night? An ayahuasca ceremony?

But just because something produces visions and feelings of bliss doesn’t mean it has anything to do with recognizing the simplicity of what is – which is the end of suffering. It doesn’t even mean that it’s good for you!

So the question is: what do you most truly want? Do you want blissed out feelings and visions and extraordinary experience? Or do you want true peace and freedom.

Because they’re not the same thing.

Then again, they are. Because all that is is true peace and freedom.

But as long as you are seeking some extraordinary experience, something other than this, something for a special you to experience, then you’re overlooking what is closer.

What is it that is here regardless of experience? What is it that is here regardless of whether you are feeling special or not? What is here regardless of whether you are even aware of yourself or not?

This. This is always here. Not this that you can give a name to. Not this special experience. Not this idea of who you are. Not this place. Not this vision.

Just this.

It’s so simple. Whatever is, is it. High as a kite or bored out of your mind. This.

My upper back and neck feel like shit. My hands and fingers ache. Sounds. Kids crying. Dog wants to be fed. Feel of air on the nostrils. Saliva. Eyes blinking.


Whatever this is.

It’s never what we call it or imagine it to be. It’s not upper back and neck feel like shit as an idea. It’s the direct, immediate meeting of whatever it is that then gets called something.

It’s not a thing.

It’s this.

This is not special. There is nothing other than this. You cannot compare it to anything else. All comparisons are just this.

You still want something special. You want something other than this. You want psychedelic grooviness. You want great orgasms all the time. You want to never be constipated or get hemorrhoids. You want to never get cancer. Just endless bliss and goodness.

You’ll keep searching. Until you stop. And then there is just this. And it is clear that this is all that ever is. And this is true peace and freedom.

What a relief.

4 years ago

Depression to Freedom

I don’t remember when it happened. Sometime after the initial phase of Lyme disease. Some time after moving to Parsonsfield, Maine and living in that drafty cabin.

Somehow I slipped into depression.

If you’ve never actually experienced depression then you’ll not be able to fully appreciate what it is. If you have experienced depression then you know intimately the complete inability to feel joy or hope or happiness.

I had never known depression before that. And the nature of experience is that it is precisely what it is. It’s impossible to know it until you’ve experienced it. It isn’t the name. You know, the whole “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” thing. So you can call it whatever you want. But it is what it is.

The interesting thing is that looking back on it now, it is evident that I hadn’t actually been meeting it. I had been still giving it names. Attempting to avoid it. Attempting to get rid of it. But more on that in a moment.

Depression went something like this: “Is this it? This is all there is? Is there nothing else? Fuck! I don’t think I can handle this. Is there any way out? What can I do? I don’t feel up to it. Is this it? This is all there is? Is there nothing else?…” Rinse and repeat.

I was trying desperately to figure it out. To make it better. To stop the suffering.

What’s interesting is that depression was just more of the same thing that had already been happening. Life had long been a pursuit of something better. Something greater. Something to end the suffering.

What differentiated depression from what came before was the sense that I had reached a dead end. Everyone might have different metaphors. Maybe for some it’s a bottomless pit. For some it’s feeling that it’s the end of the world. The metaphors simply reflect our individual models of the world – who we are, what this is, and what we do with all of it. More on this in a moment.

But the bottom line is that depression was the end of the fantasy that there was somewhere better to go or something better to do or someone who could do it.

Depression turns out to be a fascinating gateway.

I struggled on for another two years. Every once in a while it would ease up just a bit. I would feel that perhaps things were getting better. Perhaps I had figured something out. Perhaps I was on my way again. On the path. The journey. Getting somewhere.

Only to once again discover myself at the end of my rope, in the pit of despair, feeling stuck, feeling that I just couldn’t go on, etc.

Finally, I truly couldn’t go on. I had had enough. I was done with the struggle. The search. The journey toward something better. For something else. For something more.

And here is this meeting of what is directly. What a discovery!

All along here it is. I imagined it was something else. I had given it names. I had called it depression or stuckness or suicidal impulses or deep sadness or sickness or any number of other things. But it turns out not to be a thing. It’s simply what is.

All the seeking for something else and something more and something better was the “problem.” Meeting what is reveals an endless discovery of myself as I am.

Everything that I had previously called “joy” or “hope” or “happiness” was the by-product of a temporary blip in the journey of seeking for something else. Like a mirage.

Here, through the gateway of direct experience what was seen as depression is now seen as true joy and true happiness. Hope is no longer needed. There is nowhere to get to. There is nothing other than this. And this is endless.

This isn’t something else. This is this. Right now. This sensation. This thought. This sound. This vision. This. Just as it is. Not something else. Not the idea of what it is. Not what it means. Just this.

Here’s a “video” I just put together with further insights into depression as a gateway to freedom

4 years ago

The Meaning of Life

Do a Google search for “what is the meaning of life.” You’ll find that people seriously want to know. Heck, some day someone might even find this post because they Googled “what is the meaning of life!”

The trouble with the question is that it presupposes that there is meaning.

Right now, do this simple experiment. Notice that there is something before thought. And then notice that there is something before that. And something before that. Until you cannot go any further “back” – until you cannot get any closer to what is immediate, direct, and unavoidable.

What is this? This is before thought. It is before sensation. It is before experience. It is before anything and everything. But it is not a thing.

Can you find anything else? Is there more than one of this no-thing?

Can you find a boundary?

This is the only “thing” that you cannot deny. This is completely unavoidable. This is completely ordinary. It’s not something that you have to reach for or work for or hold on to. You cannot get rid of this. Because this is yourself.

And what is the meaning of this?

Notice that in order to search for meaning you have to compare. You have to search in thought. You have to look to the past.

But where is all of this happening? Isn’t it happening in this that you are?

Everything is this. This is the “one without a second.”

A dog can chase his tail. But there is only the one dog.

Alan Watts wrote of peering through a slit in a fence and seeing a cat walking by. From this perspective it may appear that there is a head, a body, and a tail. You may then wonder if the head causes the body and the body causes the tail. But it’s one cat!

In direct experience there is just this. All seeming separation is merely thought arising as this present wholeness. All seeming meaning is merely thought arising as this present wholeness.

Many people seem to imagine that meaning is what gives life beauty. But I find that, in fact, meaning does not give beauty to life. Beauty is inherent in life. Beauty is spontaneous. Beauty is evident in the absence of meaning. Notice that some of the most beautiful moments are those in which the moment utterly defies all attempts to saddle it with meaning.

So discover a life without meaning. Just be curious to find out for yourself. It’s not about belief. I’m not suggesting that you take on a new belief. Just see what life is like beyond belief.



4 years ago

Don’t Be Duped by Dubious Cleanses

I was at the grocery store yesterday and I picked up a copy of a free copy of a publication called EnergyTimes. This is one of those sorts of publications that fronts as a magazine with genuine, unbiased articles. But actually, it’s just a collection of advertisements.

I was attracted to the magazine because it has a big picture of Jim Carrey on the cover. I don’t pay any attention to politics or Hollywood, generally-speaking, so I missed out on the fact that Jim Carrey had a massive public spiritual awakening (whatever that means) with Eckhart Tolle a few years ago. A friend of mine recently kept making reference to Jim Carrey and spiritual awakening, which I thought was odd because I had missed out on this bit of information. But in a few seconds the whole thing was explained to me, and now I’m caught up.

So I was curious to see what was the magazine had to say about Jim Carrey. But then I saw the advertisements. And that (the content of the advertisements) is what the remainder of this post is about – not Jim Carrey.

When I picked up the magazine and turned it over I saw a full-page advertisement for so-called “cleanse” products – capsules of herbs that are promoted as “cleansing” the body of all kinds of toxins and “build-up”.

Walk into any natural food store and you see plenty of these sorts of things. Candida cleanses. Colon cleanses. Liver cleanses.

The problem with these products is that they are marketed to people for whom the last thing they need is a “cleanse.” These products are meant to appeal to people who are trying to lose weight and/or become more “pure”. In other words – people with eating disorders.

And, by the way, if you think that you’re the exception, then think again. If these products appeal to you then I’m willing to bet that you’re dealing with an eating disorder, even if you don’t know it.

The body is terrifically good at cleansing on its own…when it gets adequate nutrition and opportunity to de-stress.

Really. Under these conditions of adequate nutrition and the opportunity to de-stress your body will be perfectly healthy.

These cleanses have been around for a long time. They used to target the most neurotic among us. I know, because that was me. They used to (and presumably still do) target potential clients with scare tactics – absolutely disgusting advertisements in alternative publications claiming that if you have ever eaten flour or sugar or meat or dairy then your colon is undoubtedly coated in a thick “mucoid plaque” that is slowly killing you. But miraculously, when you cease to eat anything other than raw vegetables and fruit and (most important of all) take the “cleanse” pills then you will shed this life-threatening toxic build-up and be cured of everything from diabetes to cancer to migraines.

But now the market is ripe. Everyone is primed. The magazines and TV shows and the medical establishment has convinced everyone and their mother that they are fat, have life-threatening high cholesterol, eat all the wrong things, and need to “cleanse.” But this is utter bullshit.

All the dieting and starving and over-exercising and undersleeping and over-stressing is the problem, and the “cleanses” are just  more problem, not a solution.

Trust me. I know from personal experience.

The digestive system, including the colon and the liver and all the other organs supposedly “cleansed” by these products, doesn’t need more irritants and laxatives and purgatives and less nutrition. It needs more nourishment. It needs adequate quality protein and fat and carbohydrates. Including meat, dairy, sugar, and so on. Not just raw broccoli. Seriously. And no amount of rhubarb root or psyllium husk or senna leaf is going to solve the problem caused by inadequate nutrition. And, by the way, 1600 calories is likely far too little unless you happen to be about 3 1/2 feet tall.

And adequate de-stressing and rest is also absolutely necessary. So if you’re sleeping 6 hours a day or going to the gym every day or running every day or if you’re still hanging on to hurts and anger and resentment and shame and trauma…even just a little bit…then no amount of rhubarb root or psyliium husk or senna leaf is going to solve that problem.

Try sleeping at least 8 hours every single night. Try leaving off the gym and the running for a little while. And learn how to let go of all that emotional baggage. (I recommend that you check out the 100% free training at Peaceful Possibility for this. It’s the very best!)

Seriously. Don’t be duped by these products, the marketing, or anything or anyone else. There is nothing dirty or unacceptable or wrong with you. You are a perfect, beautiful, amazing, radiant being. No one and nothing can take that away from you. That is who you are.

4 years ago

Why Truth Isn’t Very Popular

When I speak of truth, I’m not talking about relative truth. I’m talking about what cannot be denied – what we might call absolute truth. If you turn to your thoughts to try and find real truth then you’ll convince yourself that there is no such thing. Either that or you’ll become a convert to a fundamentalist religion.

But truth is utterly simple. It is so simple that it cannot be denied. There is absolutely no way to argue against truth. That’s why it is truth. It is the only thing that is incontrovertible. Truth is that this is. That is it. Not that this is something-or-other. Just that this is. Not what this is. Not the name of this. Not what this is not. Merely that this is. Merely that I am. Merely that you are. Before any thought or idea or concept about what any of that means. Truth is before meaning.

This is not a secret. It is obvious to everyone. We all are. None of us can deny that we are -that being exists. This is the one thing that we all know and that we all experience endlessly.

Sure, you can try to deny this. You can try to raise objections. You can create convoluted philosophical arguments. But while you’re doing all that, you are.

And the simple fact that you are is the one thing that you repeatedly dismiss and overlook. Why? Because being is meaningless. It has no meaning. It is before thought. It is before meaning.

So if you haven’t yet, just check right now and see if you do, in fact, exist. I’m not talking about the you that you think you are – because that you doesn’t exist. That is merely a fabrication. But you cannot deny that you are. There is presence, being, existence here right now.

You cannot capture this in thought. But you already are this. So there is no need to capture it.

The simple fact is that the only truth that is, is something that each of us already is. We cannot ever not be. You can only imagine that you could not be. But that is just a thought arising presently in this that you are. You can argue that once you’re dead then you won’t be. But since you’re arguing that right now it is completely irrelevant. Argue it when you’re dead.

There is only being.

Because we all are already and because this can never be taken away (because it is not a thing and because this is all that is) then this is not something you can sell to people. If you can sell it then it’s a thing. You can sell spirituality. You can sell enlightenment. You can sell therapy. You can sell (the idea of) happiness. You can sell all kinds of things. But you cannot sell a no-thing.

You can only be. Finally, this is the relief that you’ve wanted. This is even better than the most restful sleep. But not as you imagine it to be. Simply as it is.

4 years ago

The Confidence to Be Yourself

I used to imagine that I had to be someone – that I had to have a coherent identity. And then I realized that there is no such thing. It’s all an illusion.

For one, there is no central thing around which a supposed coherent identity would form. Take a look. Where is this person that you imagine yourself to be? Can you find this person?

I can’t.

Still, I had this funny lingering notion that I had to have a coherent message at least. And this led to some strange sense of inner conflict. Here on this blog I express lots of different ideas ranging from physical health to mental health to emotional health to what we might call non-dual awareness as well as anything else that I want to write about. And especially in light of the fact that so-called non-duality is ultimately the realization that there is only this, there has only ever been this, and it is not happening to anyone, then writing about things such as physical and emotional health may seen incongruent. After all, if there’s no one for these things to happen to and no one to do anything about any of it, then why write about the health of the (non-existent) individual?

Plus, I’ve recently completed work on the first phase of a project over at Peaceful Possibility. And in that video training I suggest that there may be specific practices that one can do to discover true freedom (which ultimately is awakening to non-dual perception – the simplicity of being.) So this also may seem incongruent. And yet it’s not.

The recognition of the simplicity being is the clear seeing of what is as it is – which is one wholeness happening here and how. Congruence requires more than one. It requires a comparison. Clarity reveals that there is only this.

And here is peace. No split. No divide. No separation. Nothing to defend.

I see so many teachers and politicians with tremendous PR efforts working overtime. Trying to craft a coherent, congruent image. I understand that this is popular. But it’s not honest.

And we all seem to follow suit. We all seem to imagine that we have to present a coherent image to the world. We dress in a consistent fashion. We style our hair in a consistent fashion. We speak in a consistent fashion. We behave in a consistent fashion.

But it is all just an illusion. Where is the person that all of this supposedly refers to? Where is the central figure? Where is the one who can be liked or disliked or approved of or disapproved of? It’s all a fiction.

The prison of your mind is a fiction. It’s not real. Just meet what is as it is in this moment. Right now. Let go. See yourself as you are. Formless.

4 years ago

The REAL Secret behind The Secret (Law of Attraction) – Manifesting what you Truly Want

I’ll admit that I hadn’t read or watched The Secret until yesterday. I already knew the premise. I used to live in Southern California, and I attended Michael Beckwith’s church (Agape Internatiional Spiritual Center) in Culver City more than once. I was a regular at the North Hollywood church of Religious Science where I studied for a few years to become a practitioner within the organization. And I grew up, more or less, attending a Unity church. I’ve read Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. I’m hardly new to the secret of The Secret. So I had just felt that I didn’t really need to read or watch The Secret in order to catch the drift. 

What I discovered years ago was that no matter how much I succeeded with the so-called Law of Attraction, I would never be truly fulfilled so long as I was seeking something. I saw that the seeking itself was the real problem. (Strangely, I didn’t take the direct route and just ditch the seeking right then and there!) Eventually this realization led me to years of misery still seeking through what I considered to be more pure forms of “spirituality” such as non-duality or advaita. But honestly, I don’t recommend such a path if you can avoid it! As I said, it was miserable. I was a mess before non-duality. After non-duality I got much worse. Before non-duality I was merely unhappy and anorexic with mild OCD. After non-duality I became absolutely terrified of everything. My days were absolutely packed full of suffering and anguish. My thought tubes got so clogged up and constipated that I couldn’t even sleep. I would just sit in “meditation” – which really meant that I was trying to calm down.

So whether you’re a Law of Attraction genius who is somehow still dissatisfied with your experience or your a non-duality nut, I’ve got some potentially useful insights for you that can save you a great deal of unnecessary suffering if you can really receive them.

As I said, I hadn’t watched The Secret…until yesterday. I found it on YouTube. It’s 90 minutes. And frankly, there’s no way I’d sit through that much bullshit. But the good news is that I have a little utility called Enounce MySpeed that lets me playback video at up to 5 times speed. So I was able to watch the video in under half an hour. Even sped up, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole thing. I admit that I left off the last 15 minutes or so.

The production of the video is over the top. It’s totally nuts. And it is way too overly complicated. The so-called Law of Attraction is a fabrication. But there is an underlying principle that the Law of Attraction exploits unknowingly (and inefficiently.) That underlying principle is what i intend to reveal to you.

When I was a kid there used to be arcade-style video games in the entrance ways of many stores. Grocery stores. Walmarts. Even some convenience stores. They cost a quarter per play back then. I didn’t often have quarters. But I could often have fun just standing there and pretending that I was playing the game. The displays would typically run sequences that simulated game play while not otherwise in use. So I could move the joystick and press the buttons and pretend that I was controlling the game.

Sometimes it even seemed like I really was controlling the game.

But I wasn’t. It was just happening.

The underlying principle that I want to share with you is that everything is happening. It is one happening. There is nothing apart from this. And you can know this directly right now, in an instant. Simply give your attention to your direct experience instead of turning to thought to give you meaning.

The way in which the Law of Attraction exploits this principle is this: when you focus on what you think you want, really feeling it and imagining it as if it is already true, then you shift your story. You begin to see new patterns. You necessarily are NOT focusing on other things. And so this can have the apparent effect (though really there is always just this) of letting go of some (unwanted) patterns and habits.  The focusing on what you want is actually incidental to the benefits that you may seem to receive from this practice. It is the letting go that is the true benefit because this tunes you in to the actuality that what is happening is all that is.

The pursuit of what you want merely sets up this vicious cycle of unfulfillment. The reality is that life is always happening. It is one happening. It is happening always in this ever-present moment. There is nothing else. And so pursuing something, seeking something, is futile. And this is a recipe for suffering.

The mistake that people can make is turning this whole thing into a false dichotomy – imagining that if pursuing something or seeking is bad (which it is not…I didn’t say that) then having no ambition is good. But you cannot have no ambition. And the opposite of seeking isn’t living in poverty.

What I’m pointing to is that much like the arcade games I “played” as a kid, life is happening. When you let go of the illusion that you are doing it then you discover that it is simply happening as it always has been. And all the meaning that you’ve given to all of it is seen for what it is – illusion. There is no meaning. There is only joy.

When you let go of the illusion that you are doing it, then you get to discover life as it truly is. And this doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily fall into poverty and become a crack addict. It just means that you get to see that it’s not about you. It never has been. There is no you for it to be about. It’s all one happening. And “you” are that happening.

It is possible that the happening will look like you as a crack addict. It is possible that the happening will look like you as a billionaire with a happy family. But just start to notice how your beliefs about life cloud your vision of what is. You don’t see what is. You just see what you believe. The Law of Attraction teaches you how to change those beliefs. (At least to a degree. There’s always a limit within belief.) But why settle for changing beliefs? True abundance, true love, true happiness is already here. And it becomes obvious when you stop looking for it elsewhere.

Here’s a related video I did on the Law of Attraction. In the video I approach the subject slightly differently, but ultimately I’m pointing to the same thing – that there is just this, and that it is evident when you cease to search for something else.

4 years ago

Cues from the Natural World on Being Yourself

I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful place close to the natural world. This is the way I like to live. After having been in cities for much of my life, I intentionally have chosen to live close to the natural world.

I live in a small anyon surrounded by juniper, pine, and rabbitbrush. There’s a creek that runs outside my front door.

Just a few minutes ago I went outside for a short walk. I walked along the creek, and stopped next to a juniper. Turning to the juniper, I received this wonderful communication on the simplicity of being.

You know, it’s interesting, because somehow, I used to imagine that one day in the future I would suddenly reach a final destination – something called awakening or enlightenment. But in my experience, awakening to the simplicity of being is merely the recognition that there is nothing final. What is, is eternal and timeless. There is no end to it. And even the end of suffering isn’t so much an end as it is merely the recognition that there never was anything other than this.

So in my experience every moment is an endless discovery of what is – of being myself. And it is lovely how everything and everyone becomes clearly a messenger of the simplicity of being. So I turn to the juniper, and I see the naturalness with which juniper expresses. There is no inhibition. There is no fear of judgment. There is just pure, raw, aliveness.

Cut a juniper and the juniper keeps growing as best it can. Juniper will grow out of the rocks and out of the sides of the wall of earth cut away by the creek.

The natural world (of which we are not apart) is unashamed of being.

Lately I’ve been working on figuring out how to reach to people who will be receptive and who are seeking for the message that I have to share. This is an interesting process. Through this I have encountered many of the old habits in which I have held myself, imagining that there is someone to defend or protect. As if I need to be concerned about what others think of me.

This is a fun process because it is about meeting everything as the perfect stillness of being that welcomes home every splintered aspect, every notion of separation. And it is effortless.

There are 7.2 billion humans on the planet. How often do you hold yourself back because you’re afraid of what a handful of them might think about you? What about the many people who would benefit from your wisdom and your message? All the people who don’t hear your wisdom or message because you hold yourself back?

So my message for you from juniper is to be unashamed of being. Be yourself. Let them chop you down. Let go of all your pride and arrogance. Just be. And let being move you and shape you and give you strength. Share your light and your wisdom by being yourself.