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(Conscious) ignorance is bliss: how to instantly dissolve tyranny

What I’m about to tell you should upset you. If it doesn’t upset you, you’re not paying attention.

What I’m about to tell you is also the best news. It is wonderful news.

What I am about to tell you is how to instantly dissolve tyranny.

Do you suffer from tyranny? Of course you do.

The first step is to see that this is true. So as usual, I am inviting you to radical honesty.

Honesty is uncomfortable. Honesty upsets everything you and I can think to be true. It upsets all our ideas. All our attachments. Even (and perhaps most importantly) our so-called positive and spiritual attachments.

We like to think that we are good, spiritual, kind, decent.

True honesty reveals that I am none of those things that I think I am.

You might wonder: “How can I be truly honest?”

Good question. Here’s how to be truly honest. Here is how I can be truly honest. I can be truly honest by simply paying attention. By simply observing and noticing what is actually happening. This is true, radical honesty.

Every moment reveals deeper levels of depravity. And I am simply observing that.

Remember, I told you this would be upsetting. If you’re really paying attention to what I’m telling you, you’re not going to like this.

So hear this again. Honesty is not about what I like. It is not about what you like. It is about what is. It is about seeing the truth, not *inventing* the truth.

Truth is primary. Everything else is secondary.

There is only one. There is only truth, which is primary. What is secondary (everything else) is false, not real, not true.

Everything I can think about is not truth.

Truth is only what is. I cannot think about truth. Because that would be one step out of truth. Even a small step is too much. I want complete synchronization, complete honesty, complete truth.

So I can tell the truth or be honest by simply observing what actually is.

What do I notice? And what might you notice when being truly honest?

Anger, reactivity, hostility, repression, arrogance, resistance, depression, terror, etc.

Now please understand that your mind, my mind, minds all over the world will object to this. Minds will come up with so many objections.

There is no end to the objections…

That is, as long as we attend to them, coddle them, react to them, try to fix them, try to solve them…there is no end.

And now we get to the heart of this message. Which is that conscious ignorance is bliss and the remedy to tyranny.

What is tyranny? Merriam Webster online defines tyranny as “oppressive power”. And it defines oppressive as “unreasonably burdensome or severe”.

Can you see that your mind is unreasonably burdensome or severe?

That is its nature. It is merely a reservoir of ideals, standards, aspirations, rules. And its nature is simply to regurgitate those. Whenever consulted, it vomits these rules.

As a power, as a ruler, the mind cannot help but be tyrannical.

Upon seeing this – and many people see this in a superficial way – many people come to believe that they should go to war with the mind. The mind becomes the enemy.

But what they miss in their rush to war is something very important. So please hear this. This is key to understand this. When we go to war with a tyrannical power, we only empower that. We feed it. And we become it.

Look at the popular revolutions in history. What happened?

In middle school I read George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The farm animals revolt and overthrow the oppressive humans. The animals agree that they are all equal, that none should oppress the others. But then the pigs claim that they are more equal than the others. And at the end of the book the pigs, living in the farm house apart from the rest, are indistinguishable from the humans they had overthrown.

Tyranny depends upon an “other”. Without an “other”, tyranny has no claim. None of us would give up our freedoms unless we bought into the tyrannical claim that we need protection from some external evil.

We give up freedom and accept tyranny when we choose to believe in an external evil, an external threat.

Now hear this. Because this is important. We wrongly externalize all threats.

That is why radical honesty is so valuable. It shines a light so that we see clearly that there are no external threats.

We wrongly externalize our feelings, thoughts, imagination, etc.

We say, “I have anxiety” or “I have depression” or “I get angry”.

Even “I am angry” is a subtle externalization. It places anger at a slight distance from “I”.

Radical honesty – which is simply seeing what is – reveals that there is no other. There is no external. There is no distance. There is no separate I experiencing these experiences.

Do this now. Just observe. See what I am pointing to.

The mind will object. I already warned you. So don’t use that as an excuse. I am telling you that the mind will object. Just observe anyway.

If I wrongly accept the mind’s objections – which are all based on the wrong notion that I am at a distance from my experience and that I can fix my experience to make it safe and agreeable – then I empower this tyrannical force.

And I erroneously identify as a separate thing that is victim to this tyranny.

Don’t take this on as a new belief, a new story. Actually look and see that this is true. See it. That is what will help. You must be willing to see it.

True seeing is unbelievably radical. It completely undermines the tyranny.

Watch the objections. The reactions. The anger, fear, etc.

The impatience.

And just keep watching.

Isn’t it curious to notice all these reactions when nothing is happening? Nothing is actually happening. There’s no gun at your head.

But the mind’s reactions are as if there was.

See how it operates. It practically screams that you must do SOMETHING to fix this, to get away from this, to solve this.

And if you ask why, it will shout, “NO TIME FOR ASKING QUESTIONS! DO SOMETHING!”

A quality of tyranny is that it is volatile. It has no true power of its own, and so it must constantly be in motion, stirring up fear to fuel its false claims.

Conscious ignorance is the remedy.

Consciously ignore the commands of the tyrannical force.

Watch it. Watch it react with greater and greater fear and anger. And consciously ignore whatever commands it gives.

All its commands are vomit from the FAILED past.

That is all it can offer. You must see this. It is not bad. The mind is not bad. It just is what it is. It cannot offer anything fresh because it is ONLY a repository of the past.

The past is entirely failed. See that is true. Nothing from the past satisfied you. Nothing from the past gave you what you truly long for.

If it had, you would not be looking for a remedy now. You would not be susceptible to the false claims of the mind in that case.

So see that everything from the past failed. And the mind is only capable of regurgitating the past.

It will use every scare tactic it can.

Do not move.

Do not obey its false commands.

Do not accept is false authority.

Just watch. See all the depravity you have mistakenly identified with.

And do not try to counter it. Do not say, “I am not angry, I am not jealous, I am not fearful.” Because that is only an inversion, which still is in reaction to the false claims.

Just see it as it is. See the anger, the fear, the hostility.

Don’t try to distance yourself. Don’t say anything about it. Just watch.

If you feel uncomfortable, you’re doing it correctly. If you feel squeezed, crushed, desperate…you’re doing it correctly.

Not that you should seek to produce squeezed, crushes, desperate experiences. No, no, no! I’m just giving you warning that these experiences can and will likely happen, and they are not bad. They indicate success when they happen unbidden.

Everything the world teaches says this is the wrong direction. The world teaches us to build ourselves up. The world teaches us to overcome. The world teaches us to be righteous.

But tell the truth: the world’s way does not work.

Only one in a million people will actually hear this. And only one in a million of those people will test it for themselves.

That one person is the one who will know freedom in a world of tyranny.

Joey Lott

Joey Lott is the author of numerous books, including The Best Thing That Never Happened and The Little Book of Big Healing. He lives in southern Vermont with his wife and children.

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