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Discomfort, Honesty, Awareness

I’ve been well outside of my “comfort zone” lately. And it’s caused me to reflect on comfort, our pursuit of it, and the misery that ensues.

I’ve moved to Vermont with my family. We are (out of choice) living in a tent and working 20 hours a week on a small farmstead in exchange for the opportunity to pitch our tent there.


This adventure has me feeling physically, psychologically, and emotionally uncomfortable.

When I am uncomfortable, I attempt – almost, if not entirely, reflexively – to get rid of the discomfort.

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My mind seeks to identify the problem. Then to solve it.

That appears to be unavoidable.

In fact, trying to avoid it would just be more of the same. So there’s no way out. There is no escape from it.

But the question is this: will it ever work?

This is why I so often suggest honesty.

Honesty does not solve the problem that the mind generates. Nor does it produce comfort.

Honesty just shines a light. And the fruit of that is awareness.

Not “Awareness”. Just awareness in the mundane sense.

And that mundane awareness reveals the conundrum for what it is. There is no way out. The problem is not what I’ve thought. And I will not be able to escape discomfort.

Which does not mean that one must seek out discomfort or shun comfort. Because the only reason to do that would be to try to solve the new problem that the mind has generated – the problem that states that comfort is the enemy, comfort causes suffering.

That is not true. But don’t take my word for it. Just shine a light with honesty.


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