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Full Contact

I’ve been struggling with finding the right words to express something that is in my heart and on my mind. I’ve written and re-written and thrown away many drafts of blog posts in an attempt to communicate this something.

And finally, I realized, I need to simply write it plain and simple. As plain and simple as possible.

Life is not easy. It’s painful. It’s tragic. And if you’re even the least bit willing – hell, even if you’re not willing – it will break your heart.

Rather than try to escape that, I propose to you that it is better to dive in.

Our path is the path of radical non-duality. I mean really radical non-duality.

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Non-duality has become (in my mind) a bad word. It’s been abused. It has come to stand for intellectualization without heart. It is a bunch of soundbites: “no one”, “nothing”, “never happened”

Ironically, that’s not non-duality. That’s duality to the extreme.

I propose full contact, full immersion love instead. That’s radical non-duality.

That’s what it is to see the false as the false in the truest sense. Don’t stop short. Don’t settle for answers. Go all the way. Don’t stop. Life is freefall. Life is this right now.

You won’t escape it. Don’t waste your time trying. Don’t waste another moment giving attention to hopes of escape.

Turn and face the fullness of life with the spirit of love. Love so fully that you won’t turn away no matter what.

Whatever life presents, face it, welcome it, love it. The feelings you fear will destroy you, face them. See the face of the beloved even there.

There is nowhere you will not find the face of the beloved. But you have to see this for yourself. You cannot merely take my word for it. You have to experience it for yourself. So open your eyes. Open your heart. Open your mind.

Open means let all happen without grasping. Even allow the grasping without grasping.

Don’t waste this chance right now. Don’t pass this over. Don’t skip to the next thing.

Don’t waste your time giving attention to the next thought that promises salvation. Don’t give attention to the thought that says you can do something to make yourself special. Don’t move from the fullness of life that is embracing you and flowing through you and consuming you.

Let it consume you now. Right now. I mean it. Right now. Don’t skip this.

If you feel the impulse to write a comment or read something else or call somebody or whatever else… pause. Don’t move on to the next thing yet. Let this consume you. Let it have everything. It is the beloved, and it is infinitely beautiful and infinitely terrible. Let it have everything. Be totally exposed. Right now.

Wherever you are guarding, hiding, holding back, give it to the beloved. Fall hopelessly in love. With reckless abandon.

This is reckless. It is the most reckless thing.

There’s no way to control this. There’s no way to grasp this. There’s no way to capture it in thought.

So stop trying.

This life, which is all that you are, demands all of you and it demands full engagement.

Say yes.


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