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Ideology vs. the Whole Truth

If you want to know freedom, you cannot afford to offer comfort to ideology.

Freedom is the whole truth.

Ideology is, at best, the partial truth.

Ideology is relatively true when it is true.

“I am tall.”

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This is true; I’m taller than the average man.

But it is not the whole truth; compared to a 50 ft. tall tree, I’m not very tall.

Or, perhaps a better example. “I am smart.”

I am smart. Sometimes. In a limited way.

But clinging to that belief as the whole truth is a terrible disservice to me and everybody else.

If I believe that it is the whole truth – or willfully reject the whole truth even if I don’t fully believe the ideology – I can do some horrific, stupid, and dangerous things. All while blind to what I am doing.

Nazis could not have all been inherently more evil than you and me.

Ideologies have limited utility. Yet we often cling to them as though they could save us from reality most of the time.

It won’t work. It only makes for suffering.

It only makes us blind.

This is extremely relevant to so-called non-dual philosophy adherents.

“Nothing is happening.”

This is true.

It is also not the whole truth.

Something is happening. Clearly. And we have to willfully reject and blind ourselves to that obvious reality in order to generate more suffering for ourselves.

That doesn’t mean “nothing is happening” isn’t true. It just means it’s not the whole truth.

Even if it is the whole truth, in fact, (which, in a sense, it is)…as soon as I cling to that as an ideology, it ceases to be the whole truth.

“There is no choice.” “There is no self.” “There is no separation.” And on and on.

These are true, but not the whole truth.

If you hold these ideologies up as shields in an attempt to protect yourself somehow from the terror of freedom in it’s fullness, they do harm.

This is the difference between description and prescription.

The ideology promises to protect you. But it actually imprisons you.

Freedom cannot be separated from terror.

Do not shield yourself from the whole truth.

The whole truth includes it all. Which includes the metaphorical fire that burns away whatever is unnecessary.


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