Joey Lott’s Books

Wake Up Dream On: Living a Life of Inner and Outer Freedom is the latest book I’ve published. In it, I share about a “near-death experience” I had and how you can use that to your own benefit to wake up from the trance of time and security. Get it on Amazon HERE.

You’re Trying Too Hard is a book I published in 2013 that quickly became a bestseller. Since that time my personality has softened quite a lot, but the book remains a clear call to radical awakening from the dogma of spirituality into the possibility of discovering present freedom. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Peace Feels Like This is one of my bestselling books from 2014. It is a clear invitation to discover that feelings are not proof of a problem. Peace is not dependent upon feeling states. And it is possible to know this directly right now. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Don’t Change a Thing is a sleeper that few people know about or have read, but those who have read it have very positive things to say about it. It takes apart many of the common myths about how you have to improve yourself to be worthy of enlightenment. Get it on Amazon HERE.

You can also find many of my other books on Amazon through my author page, including The Best Thing that Never Happened, Who the F#%k Cares about Your Enlightenment FantasyFree from the Past, Freedom from the Approval Trap, Already Awake Already Free, The Feel Good Myth, No One Home, Meeting All, Freedom from Obsession and Compulsion, and more.

Finally, don’t forget about the free series available exclusively here on this website that starts with Lose All the Way. Get it HERE.