Links I Like

This is a collection of links to online resources that I like. They are assorted and various. Be adventurous. Check them out.

  • Rowan Tree Botanicals – This is my wife’s website for her herbal tooth care products.
  • Entering Stillness – Entering Stillness is the website of my friend, Ryan Dillon. Ryan offers one-on-one private sessions using his unique approach that blends elements of various modes of facilitation. I have experienced a session with Ryan, and I loved it. I highly recommend him. (Tell him I referred you if you decide to schedule a session with him. I don’t get any kick backs, but I’m sure he’d love to know how you learned about him.)
  • Joan Tollifson – I have a deep appreciation and fondness for Joan. She is real, human, honest. Her books were a huge shift for me. And I’ve had the pleasure to speak with her on several occasions.
  • John Veen – John is the author of numerous books of his unique form of confessional inquiry and exploration. He posts semi-regularly on his website. I highly recommend that you check it out. I have had many email exchanged with John over the past few years, and I enjoy his perspective and insights.
  • Heartblood Cacao – My friends Moses and Ambe run Heartblood Cacao. They offer very high quality ceremonial cacao. I’m not really a cacao guy, personally. But if you are, Moses and Ambe are a reliable, wonderful source for high quality cacao. They work directly with the producers in Central America and import the cacao into the U.S. (If you order from them, let them know I referred you. Again, I don’t get any kick backs, but they’d appreciate knowing how you learned about them.)
  • Brian Marc Zimberg – Brian was the first person who guided me clearly to learn how to stop believing my thoughts. Not only that – that I didn’t have to give attention to them at all – that there is much more to reality than the thought stream. (Tell Brian how you found out about him. He’d appreciate knowing that I referred you.)


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