The following are links to an eclectic mix of other online resources that I have found to be useful. I don’t necessarily agree with everything that you’ll find on these other sites. However, I think there is enough useful information to warrant linking to them.


  • Completely Ordinary – I must admit that this is not what you expect when you think of “non-duality”. But I am partial to it, and if you’re willing to open your mind, this might just be the thing you didn’t know you were looking for. Completely Ordinary is a weekly podcast I produce with my friend, Luis Campos. We explore what it is to simply be, to let go of all the ways we try to hold ourselves together and maintain an identity as someone. Hopefully it is entertaining, unique, and mind-opening.
  • Joan Tollifson – Joan is the most refreshingly honest, real teacher of non-duality that I have ever had the honor to get to know. I highly recommend her work. 
  • Secular Buddhist Conspiracy – The work of my friend, John Veen. I think John’s writing and art is fabulous and very clear and honest. I cannot speak highly enough of his work.
  • Tony Parsons (The Open Secret) – Tony is another refreshingly honest and real person who shares a message that is often called radical non-duality. Tony’s message can often be frustrating for those who are trying to figure it out. But eventually you may just give up and then recognize that this is already it! With that said, a lot of people have turned into Parsons clones, and it’s weird. So be careful!
  • Gangaji – Although I find much of Gangaji’s image to be unnecessarily confusing, I nonetheless feel that her sharing is very direct and honest. So if you can see through the seeming specialness of the presentation and the image, you can receive the invitation to be yourself as you are.

Diet and Nutrition

  • No Nonsense Health – This is a site that I maintain to share information about health that I have found useful.
  • – This is the site started by Matt Stone. It’s kind of all over the place, and in recent times Matt posts very rarely. But it is a useful counterweight to the mainstream. Don’t try to turn it into a religion and you’ll be okay.
  • – Although I don’t agree with Ray Peat on everything, I find that his views are insightful and thought-provoking. But he’s also extreme and provides fodder of obsessiveness and eating disorders, so tread carefully. If you’re interested in the book I wrote on the subject, you can find it for free here:

Eating Disorder Recovery

  • – This is a fantastic, one-of-a-kind resource for those serious about healing from eating disorders. I cannot speak highly enough of and Gwyneth Olwyn, the woman who runs the site.

Lyme Disease

  • No Nonsense Health – This is my health site where I discuss a variety of topics, including Lyme disease.

Herbal Oral and Body Care

  • Rowan Tree Botanicals – Sarah is my partner. This is her store where she sells handmade herbal products such as remineralizing toothpaste and oil pulling mouthwash.

Natural Childbirth

  • Rowan Flower – This is Sarah’s personal website. As I write this, it is still being converted back from previously being her store (which is now at Rowan Tree Botanicals). Soon I believe she will convert it back to providing information about unassisted homebirth. You can also find her book on the subject on Amazon here:
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