Free E-Book: How You're Fighting Against Yourself, How to Stop, and the Secret to True Freedom

If you like the work of Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Byron Katie, or Adyashanti, but you still feel stuck, get this book now.

A short read that can change your life.

If you've reached a point of being ready to tell the truth - that all your attempts to feel better haven't worked sufficiently or lastingly - this book may open your eyes to the real solution that you've overlooked.

No matter how long and hard you've searched - no matter what you've tried to solve your problems - true freedom really is possible. And it is immediately available when you stop struggling against life.

What People Are Saying

Are you looking for someone you can trust to help you out of your misery? Have you been looking for a long time? Joey Lott can be trusted. Over the last few years, he's earned my trust and then some. Except what he has to offer has nothing to do with trusting him. Please read this book and learn to trust your experience. It's everything.

Anita A.

In the most direct and honest way, Joey invites you to strip naked and dive into your own experience. To stop the war with yourself and declare defeat. A thoughtful read that will have a profound impact if truly understood.

Dawn K.

Joey writes from the heart about the deepest truth which is that nothing matters except that which is happening, and all that is happening matters, even "bad" stuff. He also encourages us to use our own power to discover this, and to be our own gurus.

Pam H.

About the Author

Joey Lott writes and shares from his own experience. For years he struggled with binge eating, anorexia, OCD, depression, paranoia, and extreme anxiety, to name a few of his challenges.

At one point he lived out of a cargo van and washed his hands dozens of times every day in an attempt to deal with his problems.

This, after many years of (compulsive) meditation, prayer, chanting, pranayama, and other spiritual practices.

Finally, admitting that nothing was working, he began to truly inquire into the nature of suffering through direct experience. And he discovered that freedom is found in fully allowing what he had tried to get rid of.

Joey has been responding to questions, blogging, and making videos on the subject of freedom since 2013. He's the author of numerous books on the subject, including the Amazon bestselling title, You're Trying Too Hard.

His work has been featured in numerous publications, including ONE: The Magazine. And he's been interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump.​

Lose All the Way is a book by prolific writer Joey Lott. Joey specializes in no-BS books about the most esoteric of subjects: enlightenment. While he has never held himself out to be either enlightened or the more colloquial term, “awake”, clearly something has happened to Joey Lott. He has developed an ever- growing following despite little to no advertising and this, his latest book, is being given away free of charge so that it can reach the most people.

After decades of struggling with severe depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Lyme disease, which Joey talks about in the book, he found what he describes as a way out of his constant struggle. And, like many great discoveries, it is a most simple one. After years of battling both physical and so-called “psychological” maladies, he realized that unwanted feelings, emotions, and symptoms were not the problem. Resistance to them was. He discovered that his resistance to his symptoms, and his continual quest to solve them, was in fact keeping them going. Radical, indeed.

He devised a program he calls Radical Self-Acceptance that gives readers a step-by-step program of how to see this for yourself. And once you see this for yourself, things can change in very astounding ways.

I have personally experienced some very noticeable positive changes by following his program. While it has not stopped my own depression (and I do not recommend anyone going off or down on meds while trying it without medical direction and supervision), I can tell you that it does have merit. I am excited about continuing to see where this program takes me, and I highly recommend this book for anyone who suffers, which means pretty much everyone.

Barb O.

A wise and wonderful short book, Lose All the Way explains in simple, clear terms what is necessary to become free of suffering. Like many Eastern religious and spiritual traditions, Lott recognizes that attachments create our hurdles to letting go. It’s our unwillingness to feel unpleasant feelings, and our judging of situations and experiences as undesirable, that leads us to that stuck place in which suffering seems endless and inescapable. “Do nothing” he says is the first solution—but then he actually shows us that before we can “do nothing,” we must become aware of the something that we are doing. Usually this something is experienced as a bit of tension, a holding onto the belief and the unwillingness to be vulnerable that serve as our armor.

Lott’s advice is part of a long tradition of teachers who’ve escaped the patterns of judgment, self-control, and rigidity that limit most humans from full enjoyment of their lives. Yet he manages to present all without a hint of preaching. Nor does he make light of the difficulties that we will face as we start letting go. Although allegedly simple, it is very hard. We often feel that we will die if we allow ourselves to fell the intensity of anger, fear, grief, and loneliness that we try to keep at bay. This unwillingness is our first obstacle; Lott explores the process as one of letting go a little, feeling too vulnerable, re-armorning, and then letting go again. It isn’t something you do overnight — although ostensibly possible. It’s a journey of small steps forward and small steps backwards, always keeping the goal of being totally honest with yourself in awareness. In my own work with clients, I’ve found that people often benefit from working abstractly with sensations and metaphors as they practice staying aware, since patterns of resisting are so deeply entrenched as to be unconscious. As soon as people let down their guard for a moment, physical symptoms like coughing may arise, and it takes quite a lot of resolve to get to the point of realizing that these two are defenses.

Janis B.

If there is such a thing as simple profundity, that is the essence of this new title by Joey Lott. The “solution” he proposes in Lose All the Way: In order to stop the suffering, stop the struggle against suffering. Once again, he has struck a chord deep inside me that I believe is a universal one. Kudos, Joey! Lose is a winner! Anticipating the sequel with relish.

Susan S.