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Metaphysics, Magic, and Healing

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re life is a journey. (If you’re already finding things to object to, just play along with me for a second. You don’t have to actually believe anything. Just play with me here.)

Imagine that on this journey, you are traveling along a river on a boat through a steep canyon.

Just up ahead you see that the river forks. And as you get closer still, you see a sign. On the sign it say:

<- Divisive Absolutist Materialism and Lifelessness

-> Metaphysics, Magic, and Healing

Which do you choose?

I know which I choose. Metaphysics, Magic, and Healing.

Now, I know, the inner cynic might be calling bullshit on this. The inner cynic might say that this is a false polarity. It might cry out that I’m leading you into some kind of trap or trick.

It’s understandable if your inner cynic is fearful. That’s it’s job. That’s what it is. It’s a fearful, self-protective reaction to all the trauma of our lives.

But how well is that working out?

Many years ago I had to be honest with myself. That was wasn’t working out well at all. It was a way of separation, emptiness, and death.

And I had dressed it all up in a neat package and called it non-dual spirituality. Which might have sounded nice, but it wasn’t very pleasant or functional or useful.

My experience is that opening to the way of Metaphysics, Magic, and Healing is life affirming, unifying, and restorative. It is a healing balm that has given me back life.

And beyond the truly false paradigms of the conditioned mind, this pathway has opened me to true non-dual realization. Not keeping some aspects of myself and life separated into silos. Rather, dissolving all the false barriers and revealing the connection and unity of everything in my life.

The word “metaphysics” may conjure up images of bookshops with “psychic readers” and crystals and a cat or two hanging around. Fair enough.

But the actual meaning of the word is that which is beyond the physical.

Take a moment and test this out. After you read this paragraph, pause, close your eyes, and see if this is true in your experience. With eyes closed, where is the physical? What is true in your actual experience with eyes closed? Where is the body? Where is the world “out there?” Where are all the physical things? And yet, is there still aliveness? Is there still some sense of some phenomena? Go ahead and test this out now.

Okay, now, what did you find? Is there, in fact, a metaphysical experience? Can you, in direct experience, discover for yourself that there is, in fact, a metaphysical reality?

And isn’t it true that this metaphysical reality is the greater aspect of your reality compared to the so-called physical?

Okay, okay, the inner cynic might have to admit that there’s some truth to this. But magic? Come on! Magic is bullshit, right?

Well, let’s see. One definition of magic is enchantment. That is, to be under the influence of or entrained to a force. Literally, a chant, which is a frequency.

Ever been in love? You’ve been enchanted. Ever believed in anything? You’ve been enchanted? Are you able to understand anything I write? You’ve been enchanted. Ever heard the news? You’ve been enchanted.

Enchantment, magic, is a phenomenon that we’re all experiencing all the time. In fact, our normal, ordinary, consensus reality is all enchantment. We just aren’t normally awake to it as such.

When we deny the magical nature of our experiences, we play victim. We play separate.

Waking up to the magical nature of our experience give us a new wonder and awe and freedom.

Okay, okay. But healing? Geez, really? That sounds awfully New Age and bullshit, right?

The word “to heal” derives from the root meaning “to restore to wholeness”.

On the surface that might not jibe with our super-evolved, better-than-thou, high-falutin’ spiritual understandings.

Yet the truth is, we all have been enchanted to believe in separation, individual power, and suffering. Meanwhile, if we pause for a moment and just notice what is actually true in our direct experience, we may find that wholeness is already our most true reality. Go ahead and check it out now. Without referring to a thought, memory, belief, or label, can you find any boundary? Is there any actual separation in direct experience?

Our most intimate experience of ourselves is already whole. Wholeness is primary. Only through enchantment do we come to believe in anything other than wholeness.

To heal is to restore our proper recognition of ourselves and our nature as wholeness.

Now you might see why I choose the path of Metaphysics, Magic, and Healing.

And I’d like to invite you to join me for a three-part workshop series that I’ll be holding over the next three weekends exploring these subjects.

Each weekend we’ll meet together live, online, in a group and explore Metaphysics, Magic, and Healing.

It will be fun and with practical explorations that will allow you to experience these things for yourself. Not mere theory, we’ll do a variety of experiments that will let you taste your inherent wholeness.

Come and play.

This is the first of a bunch of workshop series I have planned. Some ideas for workshops that I have in mind include Myth and Storytelling for Healing, The Power of Relationships, and Spiritual Herbalism, among others.

Metaphysics, Magic, and Healing is the prerequisite for other workshop series as we’ll be creating the foundation for future explorations and fun.

We’ll meet live Saturdays September 28, October 5, and October 12 live at 2 pm Vermont time (US eastern time). All meetings will be recorded and archived on the workshop website (link below). That way, if you cannot attend live, you can watch the recordings.

Want to join us? Go here and sign up:

The standard price is $100 which is to compensate me for my time and my costs to offer this (my monthly costs related to an internet presence are around $200).


Don’t let price be an obstacle. If you are unable to pay full price, I’ve created some “pay what you can” coupon codes that you can use to choose your own price. I ask that you pay as close to full price as you can to respect my time and my family’s financial needs.

But if you genuinely feel unable to pay full price comfortably, feel free to choose your own price using one of these coupon codes. The name of the code indicates the price you’ll pay in US dollars (click the link to apply the coupon and sign up): NINETY, EIGHTY, SEVENTY, SIXTY, FIFTY.

I’ve also created some coupon codes that have limited uses for those who feel they cannot afford even with fifty percent off. Each of the following codes has just a few uses, so please use them with respect for others who may have difficulty paying (but if you truly have difficulty affording $50, please do not hesitate to use these coupons): FORTY, THIRTYTWENTY, TEN, FREE. And if you are unable to pay and wish to give something in exchange, I am open to a work-trade for one or two people. If you wish to inquire into a work-trade opportunity, contact me by email:

Oh, and let anyone you know who might be interested know about this workshop series.

Lastly, if you’re inner cynic is still complaining. Don’t worry. You’re not missing anything. There’s nothing to see here. These are not the droids you are looking for… 🙂

Joey Lott

Joey Lott is the author of numerous books, including The Best Thing That Never Happened and The Little Book of Big Healing. He lives in southern Vermont with his wife and children.

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