7 months ago

No Problem

You will keep trying to solve the problem.

You will keep being fooled – deluded that there is a problem.

There is no problem.

Not that problem, at least.

Being fooled is not a problem.

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Being deluded is not a problem.

Trying to solve non-existent problems is not a problem.

See how easily you just tried to turn a non-problem into a problem?

But that’s not a problem either.

We’re all in this together.

None of us are immune to delusion and seeking to solve non-problems.

It’s not a problem. We don’t need to be immune.

Let it all be.

It’s already being anyway.

There’s nothing anybody can do about it.

Nothing that needs to be done about it.

You can’t screw this up.

No matter how hard you try.


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