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Joey’s Current Events and Opportunities to Work with Joey

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I teach and share from my own experience. I can only truly help or give real value when I come from wisdom that I fully know and embody, and that is what I offer when I teach or share. My teaching is only ever me sharing embodied wisdom from my own experience and inviting you and coaching you to directly discover this for yourself. This is the most powerful teaching I know of.

Areas of wisdom that I am particularly passionate about sharing and exploring together include self-inquiry, somatics, consciousness, the creative process, yoga, herbalism, conscious parenting, conscious communication, intentional community, and education.

On this page you will find the various ways in which I am available for teaching, sharing, and exploration. You will find this under the Work with Joey heading below. You’ll also find an autobiographical piece that helps to describe some of my experience in life that has led to what it is that I can share and the help and support I may have to offer.

Work with Joey

Here are the ways in which we can work together:

Public Meetings

Each week I hold public meetings by donation. You do not need to make a donation to attend. All are welcome. However, I gladly accept donations and remind you that I give a lot to everybody who attends any meeting. I hold a space of total acceptance and a true intention of radical self-discovery and peace and healing for everyone who attends. I hold that for everyone for an indefinite time afterward as well. I often will continue to contemplate remedies or suggestions or pointers for individuals and have things pop up for weeks after a meeting. Your donations allow me to be able to offer that service.

Register for Public Meetings

These meetings are held online using Zoom video conferencing which works on all popular computers and devices, including iPhones and Android phones. In order to attend a public meeting, you must register. REGISTER HERE

Currently, I hold public meetings on Tuesdays at 10 am US eastern time each week. You can REGISTER HERE

These meetings are a forum for us to explore together. The aim is self-discovery and as such a greater sense of freedom and curiosity in life. My intention is to support the discovery of greater ease, clarity, and trust in all of our lives.

The format of the meetings may vary. At times I may give a talk on some subject. At times I may guide certain experiences or practices. Other times I may respond to questions or comments.

These are interactive experiences, and thus the subject matter of the meeting may vary depending on who is present for the meetings. But subject matter may include anything and everything that interests me as means of exploring life and living. From my perspective, everything is interconnected and everything is a reflection of consciousness. All explorations, when done with sufficient awareness, are opportunities for greater self-discovery.

My Programs

I offer a variety of programs. At present, these are the programs I am actively offering:

* Somatic Re-awakening and Integration – This is a program that helps to rapidly develop somatic awareness. The benefits of increased somatic awareness include reduction and/or total elimination of chronic pain, easing or elimination of anxiety, greater ease and comfort, greater range of motion, resolution of OCD; MCS; and other bodymind syndromes.

At present, Somatic Re-awakening and Integration is only available to graduates of the Access Points program and a small handful of others who I have invited because I knew them well enough to know that they would be able to benefit from the course. It is a very powerful process that I am currently only sharing with those who I already know are at a point at which they will be able to benefit.

I do intend to open this training to the general public in the future. When that will happen depends on how quickly I feel comfortable that I have developed enough of a support system to ensure that all participants are well supported enough to ensure their success. For now, the quickest path is to first complete the Access Points training. If you are on my mailing list, you’ll receive notice when I open it to the general public.

* Metaphysics, Magic, and Healing – In this recorded series of a live three-part workshop, we explore direct inquiry, authentic desires, and the expression of those authentic desires in our lives.

* The Mythical Self – In this recorded series of a live three-part workshop, we explore the hero’s journey as a way to understand and surrender to our experience. We discover how our lives are on purpose and are a blossoming of the light within.

Other programs that I have offered but do not currently have dates to run again include:

* Radical Self-Acceptance – This was a twelve week exploration of true self-acceptance. The focus is on a practical outcome of greater ease and space in your experience of yourself in your life.

* Somatic Self-Inquiry – This was a 21-day introduction to a simple somatic-based style of self-inquiry that uses just three points in the body as points of inquiry. Through these three points, we explore 1) how thought fixation manifests somatically (and thus discover how to release thought fixation) , 2) the exact somatic experience of self-betrayal (turning from holism awareness to a contracted sense of separation), and 3) the direct somatic meeting of what you had previously interpreted as fear. The result is a simple-yet-sophisticated, practical system of self-inquiry that you can apply any time in life.

One to One

I offer one-to-one sessions on a very limited basis and primarily only for people who are either current or past students in one of my programs. The reason being that one-to-one sessions typically aren’t very useful unless we already have enough of a basis for one-to-one work to be effective. Typically, there isn’t much we cannot do more effectively in a group context. And so attending a public meeting is almost always better than a one-to-one session.

About Joey

This is an autobiographical sketch intended to give you a picture of what my experience has included. I am choosing to provide mostly the “dramatic” version which emphasizes the traumatic stuff and the uncomfortable stuff. The point of which is to help express what experiences have prompted me to look deeper, be truly curious, and discover remedies to various forms of suffering.

I was born October 13, 1978 and 3:55 am at Belleville Memorial Hospital in Belleville, Illinois, USA. (I mention this for any astrologer who may be curious. And also so you can calculate my age if you so desire.)

My interest in experimentation and self-exploration began at an early age. When I was in grade school I recall being consciously aware of the space around and between all thoughts and the awareness of it all. In college I recall experimenting with slowing my heartrate through intention. In my late teens and early twenties I explored various meditations, breathwork, yoga, hypnosis, psychedelics, chanting, prayer, affirmations, energy work, and so on. And I did so with zeal. I was impassioned by exploring consciousness and states.

I was simultaneously experiencing increasing psycho-somatic tension. Spurred by my humiliation at my body (I had breasts that felt un-becoming on me), I starved myself and did compulsive exercise for nearly twenty years trying to “fix” my body to be acceptable to me. When I say I starved myself, I mean that I had strict rules for what was acceptable to eat, and very little was acceptable. One summer I attended two weeks of Boy Scout camp eating nothing more than a pound of raisins the whole time. And when I talk about compulsive exercise, I am talking about lifting weights for hours every evening while my parents and sister were asleep, feeling compelled always to do more and to also do everything in sets of 13.

By college, the OCD had grown. I began to experience compulsions to turn around specific numbers of times whenever I took a shower. I started avoiding stepping on cracks in the sidewalk. And all this led eventually, another ten years later at age 30, to me living in a cargo van, driving around the country in search of “perfect” food, trying to avoid all thoughts or reminders about McDonalds, Coca-Cola, or Wal-mart, and me sleeping in the woods in northern Wisconsin for the winter.

I’d developed chronic fatigue around age 26 when I had made a cross-country move from California to Massachusetts. Then, at age 31, I got sick with Lyme disease and chronic fatigue worsened to the point of being in bed or lying on the couch almost all the time and being so completely exhausted that sometimes it would take literally hours for me to get myself up off the couch in order to go pee…needing to pee the whole time and experiencing the discomfort of it, but so exhausted that getting up just seemed too much.

I also developed severe sound sensitivity around the same age is the chronic fatigue, and it too worsened after getting sick with Lyme disease. It got to the point that I was in excruciating psychic and emotional pain triggered by chewing sounds, the sound of a clock ticking, a dog barking nearby, the sound of nearby traffic, or just about anything.

I had also begun to develop multiple chemical sensitivity when I was in my early-to-mid twenties. Before my cross-country move, I was already experiencing a lot of anxiety around many smells, including paint smells, laundry detergent and dryer sheet smells, and even some food smells. This worsened over the years until I was terrified to go anywhere and I was reclusive in the woods.

I was always the slowest, least athletic kid, and as an adult that didn’t change. I compensated by pushing harder. But pushing harder just led to exhaustion in the long run. Also, every injury and accident seemed to slowly worsen things in this regard. A number of significant events, including a biking accident, a bout of severe constipation that led to an emergency room visit, the surgical removal of two of my wisdom teeth, and even a surprising “pop” during a yoga class, all resulted in significant reduction in function as well as a significant increase in restriction, discomfort, and pain.

All of this leads to me at age 33. My first child was a baby. We were living in a little cabin in the woods and I was barely able to get up from the mattress. I was in intense psychic and physical pain and discomfort day and night. I was constantly panicked. I didn’t know how to eat anything without so much discomfort that I more or less avoided eating. And I truly thought that maybe I would die.

At that point I was so weak that when I tried to pray or meditate I felt nothing. I felt flat and close to death.

But I re-discovered the secret of deeply allowing direct experience.

At first, I was coupling it with EFT-style tapping. Then, when the actual tapping became too effortful to do, I just imagined the tapping. And when imagining the tapping became too effortful because I was so exhausted…I just rested as awareness, making no effort at all. And this graced me with the direct discovery of the healing power of awareness and non-reactivity.

Over time, I have used this same basic insight to heal nearly all the conditions that I have described above. I do not suffer from OCD any longer. I am free. Compulsions arise much, much less often. And even if a compulsion arises, I experience enough space that I am able to simply receive the experience directly rather than reacting to it.

Likewise, I no longer suffer or struggle at all with sound sensitivity or multiple chemical sensitivity. I no longer suffer from anorexia or compulsive over-exercise. And while my energy levels are not yet totally satisfactory, they are at 95% of what they were at my best before the chronic fatigue ever started.

I have also developed a system of somatics called Somatic Re-awakening and Integration. This is a movement-based system inspired by my explorations of Feldenkrais and Hanna Somatics as well as other schools of somatic work and exploration. While inspired by those other systems, Somatic Re-awakening and Integration offers a unique system with unique insights that not only are effective in awakening somatic awareness (and thus offering all the benefits I mention in the description of the program), but it does so in a way that is very gentle and can be utilized successfully by all kinds of people, including those who are already quite physically well as well as those who (like I was) are presently challenged by a lot of physical and/or psychic/emotional conditions.

This somatics work has helped tremendously in relieving old traumas and injuries. It is very powerful.

I am passionate about sharing the wisdom and knowledge that I have been blessed to discover or learn in direct experience. I know what it is like to suffer immensely, and I know what it is to awaken to a field of possibility…not only a field of possibility, but a field of possibility that has intention and a creative desire that I am not separate from.

True healing is possible. True peace is your nature. Life still ebbs and flows as it always has, yet you need not suffer. Like the ocean tide and the planets circling the Sun, you are a process in motion yet inseparably one with all that is, the whole. You can know this directly and life unfolds to a new order.

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