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On Cynicism

Recently somebody wrote a comment on one of my blog posts stating:

It’s good to have a bit of a break from the tyranny of thought, but be honest, all activity in life triggers thought as a function so the depressing rumination will always win in the end – the best remedy is money as any non dual teacher will admit, because then you have more time to sit around ‘ being what you are’ or whatever

When I read this, I felt sad. Here’s why: I was incredibly desperate for a long, long time. I felt increasingly hopeless as nothing I did seemed to help. I was experiencing panic attacks that would frequently last for hours every day. I was terrified to go anywhere or do anything.

I searched so hard for answers. I attended satsang after satsang. I read book after book. I meditated like nobody’s business.

It is so easy for us to believe that we alone suffer – that nobody else can truly understand. That was how I felt at the time. Because truly, it is hard to imagine that anybody could suffer that much.

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But many of us do. The human capacity for suffering is unbelievable. It is heartbreaking.

I know that many people suffer tremendously. Some people who read this blog suffer just as much as I once did.

If you can open your heart and mind to realize this, and to also realize that I also suffered as much as you, you can also hear that there is another possibility available. It is something you can choose. And I can point you in the right direction to choose it.

I know something now that I did not know then when I suffered in that way. What I now know is that suffering is not caused by circumstances. Nor is it caused by feelings. Nor is it caused by thoughts.

Suffering is caused by one thing. It is caused by one’s attempts to escape from one’s feelings, thoughts, and other inner experience.

That attempt to escape (or protect yourself) is a physical tension. You hold physical tension chronically. And that chronic physical tension is the only thing that maintains suffering. Suffering cannot continue when you stop maintaining the chronic physical tension.

The main point of tension is in the head. In the forehead. In the eyes.

And that is something that we have a choice in.

We have a choice. You have a choice. I promise you this is true.

Release that tension, you will see that what I am telling you is true.

When you release that tension, you see that you are free. Thought doesn’t control you. Thought cannot harm you. It never could. It never did.

Your can know this directly. Let go of the tension in your head now.

Will you tense up again? Almost certainly.

Does this glimpse of your freedom mean that you’ll forever cease to believe that you are imprisoned? No.

But it does prove through direct experience that you are already free.

Take me up on this offer. See for yourself.

Now here’s the beauty of this. Contrary to the commenter’s suggestion, you do not need to sit around to be what you are. You don’t need to retreat from a normal life.

Instead, your normal life becomes the opportunity for discovering your freedom regardless of circumstances.

I homeschool my three children. I work full time on a home-based business. I socialize with members of my community. And in addition to that I blog, make videos, and meet one-on-one with people interested in discovering their inherent freedom.

In the context of my normal life with normal stresses – bills, health, disagreements, etc. – I have a rich playground for endless discovery of my inherent freedom.

You do too.

I don’t get lots of time out “to sit around and be what I am”. Instead, I get endless opportunity to be what I am – inherently free – in the midst of a full and engaged life.

You have the same opportunity.

No money is required for this. It is completely free. I am giving you the answer right here. I’ll state it again: release the tension you use to armor yourself. Particularly in the forehead and eyes. Continue to release that tension. Allow your every experience without that tension, and you discover directly that you are already free.

That is the beginning and end of it.

Most people won’t believe me. Most people believe it cannot be that simple.

It really is.

Most people will argue that it won’t work for them.

It does work.

Most people will overlook it even after they have a direct taste of it.

I did that. I sat with a self-inquiry teacher in Santa Monica, California. He guided me to discover this truth for myself, directly. And I overlooked it for another decade as I continued to suffer.

But this really is the answer.

Even if you and I never meet. Even if we never exchange an email. Even if I never know of your existence…I want you to recognize your inherent freedom. I want this for you more than you can know.

It’s not because I’m some kind of saint. Far from it. I’m not a great person.

The reason I want that for you is entirely selfish. It is because I remain connected to that young man who I was – the one who suffered, who was lost, isolated, and terrified. And he won’t let me forget. He keeps me honest. He reminds me that we’re all connected. He reminds me that anybody who is suffering like that now is him.

So take a look. Let go of that armoring – the tension in the head. And while you’re at it, let go of your expectations of what that should look like – what the experience should be.

Just be willing to continue to let go of the tension. And I promise you, sooner or later you will see for yourself.



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