10 months ago

Ongoing Delusion, Simultaneous Freedom

I spend most of my time giving attention to thoughts, trying to solve problems.

This is, I believe, part of being human. I don’t have a problem with the tendency to try to solve (mostly made up) problems. To make that into a problem would be, I think, ironic.

But I have noticed that I do this. And seeing this, I instantly am freed from the delusion that any of my thoughts are capable of grappling with life.

instantly there is perfect clarity. Not clarity of an object. Not like something coming into focus. Not clarity of thought. Not that.

Clarity. Just clarity. Like a clear sky.

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This is not a clarity that I can possess. Nor something I can gain greater access to. Nor something I can augment or that could augment me.

Of course, in the same moment I become aware that I am still giving attention to thoughts, trying to solve problems. Now I have the new (made up) problem of trying to maintain clarity.

It is funny in the right light.

There’s really nothing to get. Nobody can have this. Nobody can become this. There is nothing to gain.

Still, there is a huge relief in seeing this for yourself. Not to take my word for it. But to observe your actual experience – what is actually happening.

The delusion is ongoing. Freedom is simultaneous.


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