last year

Bearing the unbearable

I was just writing an email response to someone who wrote me about their current struggles with grief and fear.

Among what I wrote, was the following few sentences, which I’d like to share with you:

Life is not trying to break you. Life is trying to break you OPEN so that you can see yourself as you are. Free to be and free to receive all as yourself.

If you struggle in life. If you struggle with anything. Big or small. If it feels like a struggle. And if that struggle feels like too much. If it feels like you’re trying to bear the unbearable…


Look. And recognize in your DIRECT EXPERIENCE that you are already letting go. You are already so completely letting go that there is only letting go. Letting go appearing as contraction. Appearing as fear. Appearing as greed. Appearing as hunger. Appearing as frustration.

Only freedom.

Only freedom.

This is already only freedom. Nothing other than freedom. Freedom so totally free that nothing could possibly be excluded.