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Progressive-ism, Immediacy, Freedom

There’s a lieĀ that people get caught up in; they believe thatĀ either one must progress toward freedom or one must somehow luck into freedom.

Neither is true.

Freedom is immediate and it is totally unearned.

It is also not the freedom you’ve imagined.

Therein lies the rub. And as long as you cling to wanting freedom to be how you’ve imagined, you’ll keep believing in your delusions. (Well, there’s a nuance here, because you will almost certain continue to believe your delusions regardless. But if you are willing to let go of the meta-clinging for just an instant, you will see something differently. You will discover directly that freedom is not what you imagined.)

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Freedom is not something different than this. It is so seductive to believe that freedom will be had in the future, that this right now is not freedom.

But that’s a lie. And – at least for me – one of the most painful, nightmarish lies.

Don’t waste your time hoping that if you can sort through and resolve the past sufficiently that you’ll fix the future and get to have the freedom you have imagined.

That is misery.

Freedom is already here. But you have to recognize it to enjoy it.

That recognition is immediate. It has no prerequisites. You cannot achieve it in the future.

You have an idea of what freedom is. We all do. And those ideas are all lies.

Those lies obscure (or seem to obscure) the recognition of freedom.

You cannot achieve freedom. But you can simply tell the truth. Look at your actual experience right now. See that you’ve been chasing your tail, trying to solve an insoluble, non-existent problem.

That’s all that is needed.

This will not produce the feeling that you have believed is the indicator of freedom. Or, at least, it won’t do so reliably.

But don’t get caught up in chasing after a feeling. Freedom is not a feeling.

Just tell the truth. Now. Now. Now.

That’s it.

You’ll almost certainly doubt this at times. You will – as we all do – get caught up in chasing your tail, trying to solve insoluble, non-existent problems.

But that’s not a problem either. Don’t pretend it is. Just see it. Tell the truth.

Now. Only now. Don’t worry about what has happened. Because when you tell the truth – directly, not just a mantra – what has happened and what will happen are seen for what they are: a story happening presently.

That’s truly it. Don’t complicate it.

Though you will. We all do. So don’t make that into a problem either.


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