Here are the services or service-like products I offer:

  • Radical self-acceptance immersion program
  • Private sessions

Details below.

Radical Self-Acceptance Immersion Program

This is a 12-week program that participants have consistently referred to as life-changing.

Unlike most programs and courses that promise to help you become better, this program is truly unique. In it, we inquire on a (nearly) daily basis into the nature of suffering. The result is not a better you. It’s simply the discovery of peace with whatever you are.

That is the most liberating thing I have yet discovered because it is not conditional. Nothing can take that away. It is true freedom.

If you’re interested in learning more about the immersion program, you can sign up for the free introduction email series here:

The immersion program itself is a paid offering. The price is extremely reasonable, and most participants have admonished me for the price being too low considering the value.

Private Sessions

I offer private sessions by phone or by skype. However, I do ask that you very strongly consider the Radical Self-Acceptance Immersion Program first since it really addresses the heart of what I am likely to address during a private session.

I’m not trying to scare you off from asking for a private session. But I am saying that 95 times out of a hundred (give or take), the stuff that we end up talking about during private sessions is covered in the Radical Self-Acceptance Immersion Program. Plus, the immersion program has the benefit of taking place over 12 weeks and includes access to many hours of video conference call archives that is kind of like getting a bunch of private sessions.

With all that said, if you decide you’d like to schedule a time to speak one-on-one, send me an email to with the subject “Private Session Request”, and we can try to schedule something.

All sessions are a maximum of 60 minutes and cost $100. 

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