a couple of years ago

Thinking I’m going to get it right

I’ve always had all my actual needs met.

Air. Food. Water. Shelter.

Yet I’ve lived most of my life as if it was a live or die moment. It commonly feels like I’ve got to get it right, right now.

But when I tell the truth, it’s all just made up in my mind. It’s just story.


Today I heard an interview with a journalist who recently wrote an article in The New Yorker about Facebook.

In the interview, he said that Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) and many of the true believers within the organization believe that Facebook is not merely software or a media company…they view it as a means to influence culture and politics in a revolutionary way. That the prevailing view of Facebook as an organization is that individual privacy is bad for us.


Okay, sure, so that’s silly. I mean, it’s obviously silly. Because none of us would believe that Facebook is a vehicle for ushering in virtuous cultural change. Right?

I mean, we’re not so crazy as to believe that we know what is right and that it’s up to us to force the masses to change against their will…for their own good.

Because that’s a crazy story. Obviously.


Funny thing, though. I agonize over money.

And what people think of me.

And whether I’m getting it right.

What if at the end of my life, God judges me badly?

What if I fail?

Crazy stories, indeed.

Joey Lott

Joey Lott is the author of numerous books, including The Best Thing That Never Happened and The Little Book of Big Healing. He lives in southern Vermont with his wife and children.

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