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Your efforts are in the wrong direction

First, you must understood that this world is a lie. This world lies to you. It tells you that your goal is to win, to “make it”, to gain something for yourself, to be right, to protect yourself, to defend yourself.

Isn’t that true? Take a look and see that this is true. Look right now. See how all your life this has been what you’ve been unconsciously doing – trying to succeed, protect, defend.

And as a result you perceive that the world is out to get you. Isn’t that right? Isn’t that why you walk around with anxiety and fear all the time?

Oh, now I know that some will say, “I am not afraid” or “I am not anxious”. But if you can’t see that you are afraid and anxious, if you are not willing to slow down enough and be honest enough to admit that, there is no help for you.

Help is available instantly right now for anyone who is willing to tell the truth. And that requires radical honesty. It means stopping right now and looking carefully and seeing the truth of what you really are.

Not what you think you should be. Not what you aspire to. Not what you imagine yourself to be.

Stop and look honestly and you’ll see that you’re never more than half a second away from freaking out. Even if you think you’ve got it all together, you’re not fooling me. I can see right through you.

You can prove it to yourself. Here’s how. Tell the truth: what would happen if you lost all your money? What if you lost your eyesight? What if you lost your arms? What if you lost your so-called intelligence? What if you lost your supposed “good reputation”?

What if everybody stopped pretending that they don’t know that you’re a fraud? What if everybody told the truth? What if people stopped pretending to be nice to you?

Wouldn’t any of these things be enough to send you right over the edge into terror, rage, depression, etc?

This is essential. You must see this.

And this will hurt to truly see it. So don’t fool yourself that you’re telling the truth if it doesn’t hurt. It will hurt.

It hurts to discover that everything you’ve ever done was in the wrong direction. Everything you’ve ever done was (unconsciously) intended to prop up a false image of yourself. Everything was to support the lie that you’re getting somewhere or that you will get somewhere or that it is possible for you to get somewhere – preferably somewhere “ahead”.

It hurts to see that every effort has been to defend a false self. Look and you’ll see that you’ve been endlessly defending your pride, your egoic self. You think others should treat you with respect – which is just a made up idea you have. And you get angry, vengeful, spiteful when people don’t treat you the way you think they should.

And it hurts to discover that nearly everyone on this planet has been lying to you.

They don’t care about you. Not really. They only care about their false selves. The same as you only care about your false self.

It hurts to see this.

And if you truly see this, if you stop trying to protect yourself from this truthful seeing for just a moment, help is available. Something truly new can reveal itself because for the first time, you’re able and willing to see it.

Hear this: you cannot win. You don’t even know what winning would actually be! Isn’t that the truth?

Look, I’m not telling you that I have figured out how to win. I have not figured out how to win. I am one of the only people on this planet who is honest with you.

What I’m telling you is that winning is in the wrong direction.

Winning is only a false idea held by a false self. And when we hold to that false idea and allow ourselves to be taken over by that false idea and false self, we suffer. We suffer in the endless pursuit and the endless disappointment of hollow falseness.

We suffer in the compulsive grasping for security when there is no security to be had. What security is available to what does not exist?

Now if you are willing to hear this and actually look for yourself to see the truth of what I am pointing to, then something new is possible.

That something new is outside of everything you think you know.

Consider that for a moment. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to no longer be responsible for getting it right, figuring it out, solving it, fixing it, winning, etc.?

It is wonderful. I promise you. It is truly wonderful.

But not your idea of what wonderful is.

This is very, very important to understand. Your idea of what wonderful is, is based on a failed past. You compulsive strain to succeed in recreating that failed past, all the while lying to yourself that you’re working toward a future in which you will win.

You are lying to yourself and you don’t even know it. But you can become aware of it. And becoming aware of it is essential.

If you still hold out hope that you’re going to win, you’ll only be continuing to lie to yourself. Which means you’ll be compulsively straining to create your misery, all the while calling it the pursuit of happiness.

Or you’ll say that you agree with what I’m saying, but that this thing you’re compulsively doing now – typically in the name of protection – is a pre-requisite. You’ll lie to yourself in this way, telling yourself that true freedom has conditions and that true freedom requires that things be different.

That lie is one of the worst lies.

Stop lying to yourself. If you are serious about freedom and true happiness and true peace, you must stop lying to yourself.

So answer this: when do you want freedom? Do you want it in the future? Or do you want it now?

Hopefully you want it now. Because that is the only time it is available.

It will NEVER be available in the future. If you make it conditional, you’re putting it off into the future. Which means you’re lying. Because there is no future freedom. There is only present freedom now.

Which means freedom – true freedom – is unconditional. It is right now with these conditions. Exactly as this is.

Whatever this is.

Whether you have a million dollars or you’re in debt to the mob with Vinny the Fish coming to break your kneecaps this afternoon.

Whether you are in perfect health or you’re in horrific pain.

Whether you feel what you call happiness or you feel what you call anger, fear, sadness, etc.

True freedom is unconditional.

That is radical. Don’t just nod your head in agreement. Let that in. Let the radicalness of it in. True freedom is unconditional. True freedom is now. True freedom is this.

This right now – whatever the conditions – is perfect. It could not be more perfect. This right now is whole.

Whatever happens is this perfect LIVING freedom.

This is living freedom. That is important to understand.

Our ideas of freedom – always conditional – are DEAD. Look and see that is true. Your idea of freedom is dead. It is some deadness, static. It is simply negation of what is. You think, “I don’t like these conditions, this activity, this smell, this noise, this feeling, etc. And therefore, freedom/happiness/peace must be the absence of these things I don’t like.”

Now see that there is no end to that false pursuit of dead “freedom”. See that never in your life have you been satisfied with your efforts. No matter how successful you’ve been in achieving anything, the results were short-lived.

The pursuit of your false ideas of false freedom are like a mirage. It can never truly satisfy. It is false. We never arrive at the true satisfaction. It is always just out ahead of us.

True freedom is in the opposite direction of your compulsive habits.

True freedom is radical honesty now. It is seeing the false as false.

All the compulsive habits are more doings, more activities, more conditions for future freedom.

True freedom is just seeing it. Watch the ways in which you create so many false conditions. Watch the reactivity. Watch how rage and terror are always just beneath the surface.

See how you compulsively react. See how you compulsively, habitually accept your thoughts, your beliefs as being correct. And see how you are at war with the world and everyone in it because NONE of them truly see it your way – the one way you believe is correct.

Talk about arrogance!

Now again, I’m like you. I’ve got similar conditioning. I’m not proposing to you that I have gotten rid of it and therefore “won”.

What I’m telling you is that there is something entirely beyond that conditioning. And it is instantly and always available.

All that is necessary is to surrender the exclusive claim to rightness, the arrogant claim that “I know”.

And to surrender to this as it is now, now, now.

Now, let me spell this out even more clearly. Because I know the doubts that come and lure one away from the truth, back into the lies of the world.

You’ll have all kinds of thoughts that you’ll unconsciously believe are exceptions to the rule. But hear this: there are no exceptions to the rule. Maybe you’ll recall the Cosmic Rule I outlined recently. That Cosmic Rule is that this right now is exactly perfect and whole and completely free. This right now is already salvation, already fulfillment. This right now is already so without any need for fixing, tweaking, correcting, adjusting, or ny kind of meddling or interference.

You’ll think, “But surely this feeling of what I call [fill in the blank] is an exception!” No! No it is not. In fact, this present feeling – WHATEVER you think it is and WHATEVER you think “caused” it – is none other than the Cosmic Law. In other words, this feeling is already perfect salvation, perfect fulfillment, perfect freedom.

You will think “Joey just doesn’t understand. Joey is only referring to other feelings, other thoughts, other circumstances. But this feeling/thought/circumstance is so extreme, so horrific, so unacceptable that I MUST correct it before I can know freedom.” But that is a lie. I am referring to exactly this now as it is.

The truth has no room for anything else. The truth is one without a second. The truth cannot have exceptions.

If you want truth, you will not make exceptions or excuses.

We ALL think that we are special. We all think that our circumstances are uniquely horrific, uniquely requiring our interference. We all believe that we know better. We all believe that we are right, that we know what is right or good.

That is the lie. To know truth, stop lying. Stop accepting the lies as truth.

No matter what happens. And always.

There is nothing that can interfere with this. There are no conditions. Which means you can absolutely implement this in your life no matter what the circumstances of your life.

You don’t need to set aside special time for this. You don’t need external quiet. You don’t need to feel “spiritual”. You don’t need to think that you’re succeeding. You don’t need to feel better. You don’t need to be a better person.

All that is required is to notice what is and stop lying about it. Stop inserting false conditions. Stop inserting anything unnecessary. Stop the compulsive fixing and protecting.

And stop demanding that you could know what should be.

You don’t know.

Now surrender to the truth teacher. The true teacher is the Cosmic Law. Which is operating perfectly always.

Remember that it hurts to see the truth. The truth that 100% of your misery is self-created. The truth that everything you do is unconscious nd compulsive and only maintains your suffering.

So stop compulsively trying to feel better. Tell the truth. Every effort you’ve made to try to feel better has resulted in misery.

Surrender to this present freedom. And surrender to the perfect teaching, the perfect LIVING freedom here now – the very thing you previously fought against.

Joey Lott

Joey Lott is the author of numerous books, including The Best Thing That Never Happened and The Little Book of Big Healing. He lives in southern Vermont with his wife and children.

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