You can solve your problems, beautify your life, and discover spiritual liberation in this lifetime

Indeed, it is your birthright and the purpose of your life to do so.

With the right knowledge, practice, and guidance, you can begin today to walk on the right path that leads you to true fulfillment and the end of ignorance and suffering in this lifetime and beyond. You can and should experience a successful lifetime by fulfilling your true desires. And ultimately, you must discover the truth of who you are as a spiritual being.

The real cause of suffering is unfulfilled desires and ignorance of your true nature.

You need to address both of these causes in order to achieve true fulfillment, peace, and meaning in life.

Most teachings are incomplete and/or unworkable for most people

Many teachings which propose to solve life's problems fall into one of two categories:

  1. Material (money, career, fitness, relationship, communication, etc. which are necessary for most people for temporary happiness)

  2. Spiritual (discovering the ultimate truth that gives lasting fulfillment)

But in practice, most people need to have mastery in BOTH domains. If you achieve only material mastery (i.e. lots of money, physical wellness, successful relationships, etc.), you will still be ultimately unfulfilled because the truth is that you are a spiritual being and your ultimate fulfillment is spiritual, not material.

However, many spiritual teachings ignore or deny the material desires of people. And the truth is that most people will not be able to focus on the spiritual aspects of life adequately if they are struggling with material problems. In other words, if your focus is on financial lack, health problems, or relationship stresses, you cannot give adequate focus to discovering and living your spiritual essence which gives true and lasting fulfillment.

Introducing "MANIFESTING TRUTH: practical lessons in living fulfillment at all levels"

In this online course you will discover the most direct practices which will grant you fulfillment at all levels of your being - materially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You will finally be able to let go of old patterns, limiting beliefs, negative thinking, bad habits, and a sense of lack. And you'll begin on day one to connect with the true source of all creation, allowing you to discover the answers to all your problems AND lasting fulfillment.

You'll learn how reality works, the laws of nature, and your relationship with it. This will give you practical knowledge of how to consciously create your life in alignment with your true desires. This way you will no longer suffer from insecurity, lack, and frustration.

At the same time, you will cultivate your relationship and understanding of the divine. This will allow you to discover abiding peace and freedom from attachments.

What you'll get when you join

When you join MANIFESTING TRUTH, you get instant access to the online course and the first module. You'll also be invited to participate in nine weeks of weekly interactive Zoom meetings which will be greatly supportive of your journey with the teachings and practices.

The lessons are designed to be practical. As such, they will become available to you over time as you integrate the earlier practices and lessons. This will ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

As long as you simply follow the steps as guided you WILL get results.

Here's what you'll learn

Each week you'll access a new lesson which gives you a simple, practical thing you can do to integrate that lesson into your lived understanding.

• Week 1 you'll immediately begin to experience your formless, unconditional being - the source of all creation

• Week 2 you'll gain first-hand insight into where true power power exists (hint: it's within you) which allows you to stop worry, fear, anxiety, and distress

• Week 3 you will learn the importance of intention and discover how to shed inauthentic desires and focus intensively on true fulfillment at all levels of your existence

• Week 4 you will find out what the obstacles to deep fulfillment are and learn how to dissolve those obstacles now and forever

• Week 5 you will begin to discover the structure of creation so that you can begin to consciously organize your experience to align with what you most truly want

• Week 6 you will gain powerful insights into the nature of energy and how to prevent one of the main causes of frustration

• Week 7 you will learn how to work with nature to enhance flow and abundance in your experience

• Week 8 you will start to work consciously to cultivate support from divine intelligence to enhance your progress of manifesting truth

• Week 9 you will find out how to increase your connection with intuitive guidance so that you can have complete confidence in the rightness and goodness of your experience, even when encountering new and unknown levels of consciousness

This is truly an extraordinary opportunity

The knowledge that you will find in Manifesting Truth is rare. At a superficial level some of it may seem to be similar to things you have heard or learned elsewhere. However, this knowledge is complete in that it systematically addresses all that is necessary for total fulfillment at all levels. Very few other teachings can genuinely claim the same.

This knowledge has been imparted to me through direct revelation under the guidance of my teacher in an ancient Siddha lineage. It has come by way of a tradition that teaches us to align ourselves with the actual structure of nature itself. This makes the teaching complete and very powerful.

How to join

You can begin your journey with these teachings today by clicking the "Buy now" button below and completing the simple process of providing your contact and payment information.

The modest fee for this course is $200 USD. This fee covers expenses related to offering this program and makes it possible for me to dedicate time to supporting you in the process.

A few additional considerations (this program is not for everybody)

This program supports you in shifting your entire perception of reality. It helps you to dissolve false identification, limited beliefs, and harmful patterns and habits. For most people this will happen gradually and gently so that it will be comfortable to integrate the changes, and the results will be very wholesome and positive.

However, this simply won't work for people who aren't willing to let go of their preconceptions. Some people are so entrenched in their materialist view or their philosophical dogma that they won't be able to approach the material with adequate sincerity. They will stay in their hardened shell of egoic protection, believing that they are right and know better.

The teachings in this program have been imparted to me through direct revelation through an ancient siddha lineage. Materialists, dogmatic non-dualists, and other closed-minded people close themselves off from receiving the teaching because they cannot accept and open to a higher intelligence than their own minds or belief systems.

If you cannot accept that reality might be vastly different than you have believed up to now, you will struggle with this program. If you cannot open to the reality of non-physical beings and levels of consciousness that are superior to normal human consciousness, this program will be too challenging for you.

Again, the knowledge I share with you in this program is not of my own creation. It is knowledge that has been directly revealed within me by way of spiritual masters in an ancient siddha lineage. So if you balk at the notion of the value of a lineage or spiritual masters because you hold to a rigid belief system that excludes such things, you are likely to find this program too challenging.

On the other hand, if you're ready to let go of your limiting beliefs, false identifications, and painful habits, you'll find this program is likely exactly what you've been looking for...even if you didn't know you were looking for it. And in that case, get started today by clicking the "Buy now" button below and completing the simple payment and registration process. You'll get immediate access to the first module and begin benefiting today.

$200 • 2 payments of $125

Manifesting Truth