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Is There Anything Wrong With You?
I was quite surprised to receive what seemed like a significant amount of feedback - through blog comments, facebook comments,[...]

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"I know this may be hard to believe. But I’ve got to break the news to you.

There is no now.

You can’t get more present. Because there is no you and there is no present.

And don’t think that I’m just mincing words. I’m not. Take a look for yourself.

Can you find now? Can you find the present? Can you find you?"


"From the perspective of the imaginary framework in which disturbance is possible there seems to be the possibility of evaluating things, people, events, experiences, and so on. From this framework we can decide that some are better than others, some are more desirable than others. But this is always necessarily from a very narrow and limited perspective that seeks to divide the indivisible and organize it into good and bad, up and down, left and right, and so on."

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